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The word Ayurveda is composed of two Sanskrit terms – Ayu meaning life and Veda meaning knowledge. Therefore Ayurveda means the knowledge of life or science of life. Ayurveda, popularly known as the alternative medicine of ancient Indian tradition is the best choice for immunization, rejuvenation, cure and prevention of disease. In the modern age most of the people are suffering from various diseases besides everyday anxiety and tension. The reason behind is very simple, human beings have lost touch with nature. Living a natural life is necessary for developing resistance and strength in the body. People are becoming dependent on drugs particularly in the developed countries.

India is becoming a leader in Natural Therapies providing a wide range on Natural Therapy Programs. The medical travellers can get affordable treatment in state-of-art hospitals under the supervision of highly qualified doctors and surgeons. Ayurveda, the ancient science of health means "The Knowledge of Life". Inspired by nature itself, the unique and holistic science, addresses the mind, body and soul simultaneously. Thus, becoming a system that not only cures diseases, but works to help people arrive at perfect health. All over the world today the progress of man has resulted in the destruction of nature. The noxious chemical pollutants, deforestation, depletion of the ozone layer etc. Another aspect of the same thing is the way we are aggressively trying to interfere with nature by tampering with the human body.

Due to the fast pace of life we do not allow the body itself to fight back, and therefore to wait it out. The indiscriminate use of man-made drugs can alter the natural body chemistry to such an extent that in some cases one would wonder whether it wouldn't have been better to have just left the person alone. Ayurveda from time immemorial aimed to cultivate a healthy respect for Nature and her secrets. The effort was to discover Natural principles, which we could adapt our own lifestyle to incorporate. And they discovered that untold, almost miraculous health benefits could be achieved simply by following Nature's own principles.


A spa, as known to us today, is a centre for treatments through various alternate medications, and has grown to include relaxation, unwinding and getting pampered. Now spa is a business which provides a variety of services for the purpose of improving health, beauty and relaxation through personal care treatments such as massages and facials. Spa in India offers essential healthcare therapies and beauty treatments and therapies like Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation and other relaxing massages to heal the mind and body. Spa soothes your body and mind through special wellness treatments. These give immense ease and peace to the mind, and energy and enthusiasm to the spirit. Spas in India are located at beautiful locales of Udaipur, Jaipur, Shimla, Goa, Rishikesh, and also in the south. Spa is derived from the Latin phrase, Salus per Aquam which means health by water. It conjures up images of mud baths and meditation classes. This technique is used in modern times for rejuvenation, relaxation and rest. Spa promises to refresh your entire being.


Yoga was propounded by the ancient Indian sage Patanjali and is derived from the Sanskrit word 'Yog' which means 'union,' presumably union with the divine being or God. Yoga was believed to be a way of life to connect with almighty. It is a secular and scientific methodology to experience the integration of the mind-body-spirit. The beginnings of Yoga were developed by the Indus-Sarasvati civilization in Northern India over 5,000 years ago. The word yoga was first mentioned in the oldest sacred texts, the Rig Veda. The Vedas were a collection of texts containing songs, mantras and rituals to be used by Brahmans, the Vedic priests. Yoga is an integral part of the Hindu religion. There is a saying: “There is no Yoga without Hinduism and no Hinduism without Yoga." The country of origin of Yoga is undoubtedly India, where for many hundreds of years it has been a part of man's activities directed towards higher spiritual achievements. The Yoga Philosophy is peculiar to the Hindus, and no trace of it is found in any other nation, ancient or modern. It was the fruit of the highest intellectual and spiritual development.


Meditation is one of the most important components of Yoga; soothes the mind in an unbelievable manner, a mind-body therapy involving a series of exercises. The word 'meditation' covers many disparate practices from visualizing situations, focusing on objects or images, thinking through a complex idea, or even getting lost in a provocative book. The history of meditation goes back many thousands of years into antiquity itself. As part of the system of Yoga the principles were divinely received by the Rishis, (illumined sages of India) as a means of self salvation, allowing man a path back to union again with his divine creator, God.  Meditation is extremely beneficial and important for human body. Regular Meditating has numerous benefits on your wellbeing and your physical condition. Meditation is also useful to reduce your tension, stress and depression caused social schedules and due to over-load of work. The best way to reduce your tension and stress, to live a happy life and a healthy is to learn the art of Mediation.