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First of all I like to thank you very much for all your arrangements, all the hotels met our expectations but Chandelaogarh was the best of all Rajasthan. The food was even better than we imagined, very tasty enough spicy and with a lot of colour.

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Ahmedabad Private Day Tour

The city was founded in the 15th century by Sultan Ahmed Shah on the Sabarmati river, and served as capital of the Sultanate of Gujarat. The historic center of Ahmedabad is presently a thriving business district. Ahmedabad is mainly divided in two parts...
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Bangalore Private Day Tour

Bangalore's rich cultural heritage combined with its modern achievements has made it one of India's most happening cities. The welcoming climate, natural beauty, and man made marvels of architecture and technological developments never fail to impress.
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Chennai Private Day Tour

This metropolis is often called the cultural capital of India for its deep-rooted traditions and long heritage. Chennai is a city younger than its image. More than any other city in India, it is a true reflection of this countryís diversity
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Cochin Private Day Tour

Set on a cluster of islands and a peninsula, Cochin (now, Kochi) is a blend of medieval Portugal, Holland and an English country village. Here you can see the oldest church in India, winding streets crammed with 500-year old Portuguese houses...
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Delhi Private Day Tour

Delhi takes pride in being the capital of the country for many dynasties. It is in fact a city wrapped in legend, where time flows differently, and where every moment becomes a moment of history. A vibrant melting pot, it encapsulates two very different worlds...
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Hyderabad Private Day Tour

The capital of Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad is an integral part of the famous twin-city pair of Hyderabad and Secunderabad, which are situated on opposite banks of the Hussain Sagar Lake. It is easily accessible from most other cities by air, rail and road.
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Jaipur Private Day Tour

Jaipur, the City of Victory, is chaotic and congested, though it still has a habit of tickling travelers pink. Stunning hilltop forts and glorious palaces fit like footprints from a rich royal past, candy floss-bright turbans blaze a trail through brilliant...
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Kolkata Private Day Tour

Simultaneously noble and squalid, cultured and desperate, Kolkata is a daily festival of human existence. And itís all played out before your very eyes on teeming streets where not an inch of space is wasted.
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Mumbai Private Day Tour

Formerly called Bombay, Mumbai is one of the most happening cities in India. It is the Las Vegas of India. Mumbai is known as much for its throbbing night life as it is famous for being the busiest and economically prosperous city of India.
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Taj Mahal Private Day Tour

There is only one place in the world in which to see the Taj Mahal and that is Agra. The monument's splendour is simply undeniable and creates an air of romance throughout the city. The decadent and sophisticated culture of the Nawab still permeates Agra...
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Varanasi Private Day Tour

The oldest continually inhabited city in the world.

Varanasi is situated on the left (west) bank of the River Ganga & is generally believed to be about 3,000 years old.

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